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If there’s any show on TV that’s going to push the limits when it comes to their content -- that show is going to be South Park. ANDDD of course -- Family Guy! Through many, many seasons of the FOX sitcom, we’ve peeked between the sheets, on the lawn, and even at the post office as your favorite characters blended their animated colors together to make some sweet love. And why go digging through episode after episode when we’ve gathered all the best ones for you here and now!? Time to check out some great moments where Family Guy characters actually “did it”. Giggity, Giggity. Sorry -- couldn’t help ourselves.

While backstage, Meg runs into guest host Jimmy Fallon, who immediately starts putting the moves on Meg. Quagmire forced himself on Marge at first, but then Marge slowly got into Quagmire and they went back to the Simpson’s home. While we were stuck with a view of the home’s exterior -- we heard everything going on. Stewie is one talented baby. In the episode “Switch the Flip”, he manages to create a body swapping device, but things get a little crazy when they crash into a telephone pole and the whole city of Quahog manages to swap bodies with each other. When Peter Griffin gains ownership over a cardboard cutout of a famous celebrity, you know things are going to get a little weird. As in, Peter falls in love with the cardboard cutout and has a pretty graphic scene involving a steamy shower. Watch to see all of these crazy scenes and how they were too hot for TV!

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