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Creepy myths surround several classic horror films - and they can be just as scary as what you see onscreen. There are movies that are supposedly cursed, and films that are apparently based on actual events. Here, we'll dispel some of the false facts to put your mind at ease.

In the 2008 film The Strangers, a couple is tormented and tortured by a group of masked criminals in and around their vacation home. The Strangers made quite an impression upon its release, partly for the striking look of its masked intruders, but mostly for its central thesis that evil can be senseless and random.

One aspect of the film significantly added to the horror. The Strangers was supposedly "inspired by true events," a claim that was repeated in its more outlandish 2018 sequel, The Strangers: Prey at Night. In both cases, this is a wildly misleading claim. Did someone wearing a spooky mask really terrorize a woman while a Joanna Newsom record skipped in the background? The long answer is No.

Writer-director Bryan Bertino says the story was inspired by something that happened to him as a child. One night, a stranger reportedly knocked on the door and asked for someone who didn't live there. It turns out that thieves were using this strategy to burglarize homes. As he explained to Collider in 2008:

“And they were knocking on every door on the street with the idea that whoever didn't open the door, they would kick in the door and rob the place."

And those are the events that inspired The Strangers. True story.

Watch the video for more Horror Movie Facts We All Believed Were True But Aren't!

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